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l’ostello delle idee

YellowShare is a hub dedicated to sharing knowledge, experiences and skills.

The project was born in the hostel YellowSquare; and shows itself as a window to the world, for locals, and a window to the city for digital nomads and travelers. A community of people active in multiple creative disciplines, united by the same purpose: to share and disseminate innovative content.

The balance between mind and body is a fundamental element for living happily. Fitness, nutrition and meditation projects.

The world is a better place when filled with beauty: music, visual arts, poetry, writing, dance and theater are the tools to create it.

Technological development within human reach. Projects to keep update and learn about the innovations that surround us.

A way to develop community spirit and raise awareness through dedicated talks, forums and events.

Take part in our Open Call

With this call we are looking for teachers, artists, performers,
creators looking for a space to share their project.

How it works?

Choose your category, we will make a selection of the most innovative and interesting
projects to create a unique program of lessons, workshops and entertainment.

What we offer:

•Spaces for your project
•Digital PR
•Residency in one of our facilities

Who should apply?

This program is suited for any person who are interested in working in an environment
that is characterized by exchange, open-mindedness, diversity and community.

Our spaces

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We are actively monitoring and evolving our solutions to ensure a continued focus on the health and safety of our guests.